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We have built Buddy Player to bring the world of tennis together, to easily find each other with groups, communities, friends and businesses all looking to connect and enjoy tennis.

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We have built Buddy Player to bring the world of tennis together, to easily find eachother with groups, communities, friends and businnesses all looking to connect and enjoy their tennis.

Advantage, Buddy Player

See how Buddy Players will benefit you, Whether you're a club, coach, young, old, beginner or pro
Buddy Player has something for everyone

Getting Started with Buddy Player

Join, Connect, Meet, Play and Improve

Once registered, our site really opens up for you to explore and enjoy. You’ll see more pages in the menu as well as a drop down box by your username. This is where you can add your profile, search, join and create groups and start to meet and build your tennis playing community.

After registering, go to your profile page and start to fill this out.  You’ll be able to add as much information as you want as well as photos, portfolios, skills and services. You can fully control your account from here and decide who sees what.  Share it with friends and family, members of your club, or leave it for the world to see.

Search for your favourite club, courts or tennis holiday destination on our Groups page.  If it’s not there, create your own and share it with the club and all it’s members.  This gives you an easy way to find players or buddies to partner up with.  You’ll also be able to create smaller groups for your regular partners.

Adding a listing is really easy. It can be for you as a player or buddy player or for a tennis related business. 

If you offer a business service, we may already have a listing for you.  Go to the “Get Started page” to see if you are already on the site.  Either claim or create your listing.

Add yourself as a Buddy Player and start to promote the service you have to offer. A Buddy Player session can offer the chance for other players to improve their game.  By feeding balls or being a hitting partner, you’ll be an invaluable part of your club or courts community. You could  even associate with your favourite coach to help you pay for your own lessons.

The directory of listings hosts a comprehensive range of businesses and specialist services for both individuals as well as tennis clubs – from racket stringing, to court installations, holidays and sports equipment.  Basic listings can be created completely free of charge with a tiered subscription package for those looking for enhanced features.

Getting started

Adding Your Listing

  • Register with Buddy Player
  • Add your businness by clicking on the add a listing button
  • Choose your prefered package
  • Fill out your page with all your details
  • Attract customers with photos, links. offers, videos etc.

Your Social media platform

  • Once you’ve registered, a new membership menu opens up for you
  • Explore this to create your very own socail media platform
  • Upload content, news, photos, and videos for your customers
  • Create your own personal group for your guest to meet eachother
  • Share with your Coaches so they can do the same

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