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Do you need someone to help you with your game, or just want to play at a new location, find a buddy player

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“I know that success does not come at once, it is not a thing achieved overnight. It is the result of many, many, many years of working and trying to achieve goals.”

Novak Djokovic

What's Our Goal?

"It's never been so important to come together"

And here at Buddy Player, that’s exactly want we’ll help you do

It shouldn't this difficult!

Well we don’t think so. Have you ever been at a tennis club, court or a hotel and thought, I wonder if there’s anyhere that would like a game of tennis. Well there’s every chance there is, but it’s not easy to know who’s eager to play and who isn’t. thats why we created Buddy Player.  

How does it work?

Ok so, lets say your local club and looking for players to play, You’ve had the club start up program but didn’t find someone who can play at the same, or is at a similar level. Simply Create your own group (if there isn’t one already), Share it with your club and friends and that’s it’ you now have your very own easy platform to help everyone at your club to find eachother.

Business trip or abroad?

There are many times that we are away from home but still want to get out on the courts for a knock up or perhaps a more competative match. There are courts available but no way for you to meet it’s members or local players to enjoy a game with. Just search for their club or group to see who’s available. If there’s no group or listing, create one for them.

You mentioned a listing?

Yes, if you search for a club, court or hotel (with courts or avialable local courts) and they dont have a listing, why not create one for them, it’s completly free and will bring some exellent advantages to everyone. you could then create a group and help to bring everyone together

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