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See how you can become the hub of your tennis community as a Buddy Player.

Create you own profile and group and invite your friends and partners to join.

 Work with your coach to help you fund your own coaching requirements.

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Buddy Player Roles

The role of a Buddy Player is to help members to work on their game.

If you have formal coaching , a Buddy Player can help you practice the techniques that a coach has taught you between sessions.

If you are new to tennis and want a partner to feed balls to you, a Buddy Player could be the first step for you before formal coaching sessions.

Buddy Players will list their proficiency level and who they feel they could help.

Buddy Players are not coaches but an alternative for players who just want to have a “hit session”.

Supporting Coaches

Coaches recognise that it is not always possible for players to practice the techniques they are taught. 

Buddy Players can fill this gap by supporting others with practice shots. 

Not only will this build confidence in players,  it will also add value to the coaches sessions. 

Subsequent formal coaching sessions can continue to build a player’s skills in the knowledge that they have had opportunity to practice techniques previously taught.  

Great Experience

Buddy Players will come from a wide range of backgrounds.

They may be experienced players considering a career in tennis coaching.

They may be life long players with a wealth of experience to share with others.

Either way, Buddy Players can enhance the tennis experience and provide greater opportunity to meet new players.

Buddy Players may charge a fee or provide mentoring for free.  This is a personal arrangement between individuals.


Our aim is to help Buddy Players fill the gap between no coaching and pro coaching; to get more people playing tennis at all levels.


Most frequent questions and answers for Buddy Players

Create a listing as a Buddy player promoting yourself. Include details of what services you offer, the level you play at and who your would like to help.

A basic listing is free of charge.  There is a tiered subscription package if you would like to add enhanced features to your listings.  Subscriptions are flexible and can be amended to suit your preference. 

Where you play will be for you to decide.  If you are a member of a tennis club, it is likely that you will able to offer sessions to other members.  However, you may also decide to use public courts or even facilities at a hotel whilst you’re away. 

To promote yourself, search for groups at the venues you intend to use and let group members know your details by linking to your personal listing.

…very easy!  You just need a few photos so you can personalise your group and then you can invite people to join. 

If you create a group specific to  a club, let them know and they may share it with their members.

That’s up to you.

There are three different options when creating a group.

Public – Any site member can join.

Private – Site members can request to join but need to be accepted by a moderator or the group creator.

Hidden – You can send a out a link for your members to join but no one else has any access to it.

Buddy Players decide whether or not to charge for their service.  This is a personal arrangement between players but any income earned must be declared in line with current UK tax laws. 

Some Buddy Players may choose to mentor other players without levying a fee, or two players may decide to be “hit” partners for one another on a reciprocal basis.

(Remember, if you are just looking for someone to play a game with, search for opponents on the “Players” page).

Make sure you are clear in your listing what type of service you are offering.

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